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 Your Vehicle Is Our Top Priority

Regardless of where your car was built, Mr Diagnostic can guarantee that you’ll receive the best service available. We are able to recommend any replacement part, regardless of vehicle brand. With the help of our experienced technician, we’ll tackle any problem you can throw at us.

When you bring your car in, or we go to it, our service technician will provide you with a full diagnosis and tell you about the available service options. If you have questions, we're happy to walk you through our process so that you are completely informed about the types of repairs or maintenance required.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Automotive Computer Programming
  2. Module configuration
  3. Computer Diagnostics
  4. Check Engine Light
  5. Air Bag Light
  6. Anti lock Brake Light
  7. Traction Control Light
  8. VSS Light
  9. Tire Pressure Light
  10. Electrical shorts
  11. Electrical components inoperative
  12. Power Windows not working
  13. Heating and Air Conditioning not working
  14. Power/ Heated Seats
  15. Power/ Heated Mirrors
  16. Interior/ Exterior Lights not working
  17. Keyless entry not working
  18. Security System programming *
  19. Key programming *
  20. New control module programming
  21. Engine not running right
  22. Wipers not working
  23. Power door locks
  24. Sun roof
  25. Instrument panel gauges
  26. Radio and entertainment systems
  27. Hybrid vehicles

 Mobile service (Automotive shops only)

  * I will need a picture of the registered owners licence as well as a picture of the valid registration and the names must match for me to program any security or immobilizer!​​

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