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Adaptive Cruise Control

The Cars of today are getting more complicated and have far more computers in them compared to cars from 2000. Mr Diagnostic is staying ahead of the curve by studding the new technology and tooling up to repair it.

Adaptive cruise control is a "smart" cruise control using cameras and radar systems mounted in the bumpers of vehicles. These cameras send information to multiple computers in the vehicle. Once the information is transmitted the computers react by applying brakes, vibrating the seat or steering wheel, setting off an audible alarm, etc... This system will determine if you are too close to the vehicle in front of you and slow you down to avoid contact and then keep the car at a safe distance as it resumes the speed selected by the driver.

The draw back of these systems is they are sensitive to dirt, road debris,and may be knocked out of calibration by something as simple as rubbing a parking curb or hitting debris on the road. If you get in an accident there is a multi step process the body shop must go thru to insure the camera is aiming where it is supposed to be. If this process is not done the camera calibration process will be wrong and can cause problems with the system as you drive the vehicle. Make sure you are using a reputable repair facility and ask if they are equipped to fix this properly.

Mr Diagnostic is a specialist, so we are equipped to handle these situations for the body shops in the New England area. We do calibrate these systems often, and do it correctly, so the customer can use their car to its full potential when they get it back.

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