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Q) Why would I pay you to do what I can get for free at Auto Zone?

A) You can't get what I am offering for free at any parts store. All the parts store does is pull a code from your computer and then assumes the part is bad and tries to sell you a part you might not need. I suggest you read my Diagnostics page or view my diagnostic infomercial in the Videos page

Q) What can you do that my repair facility can't?

A) I can see into the vehicles computer system in more depth with the Manufacturer's diagnostic computers which makes it easier to diagnose hard to find problems.

Q) Why would I want you to diagnose my car instead of the dealer?

A) I have 30+ years in the repair industry and have all the tools the dealer has. I will fix your car quicker and cheaper than the dealer!

Q) Do you do repairs?

A) Yes I do.

Q) Are you licensed and insured

A) Yes! 

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