Mr Diagnostic - The leader in mobile Automotive Diagnostics in New England
 Pricing Schedule

Electrical Diagnostics
 $89.95 per hour

 Module programming

GM Line  

Ford Lincoln Mercury 

Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Jeep 

Toyota Lexus 

Honda Acura

Hyundai/ Kia


Prices for programming are for one module only except for vehicles with * If more than one module needs updating or programming there will be a $45.00 charge per module.
   * This includes up to two modules programmed or updated due to higher pricing by manufacturer for the software download.

 Additional charges

Mobile Service Charge $.40 per mile to and from location of vehicle.
If total travel time is more than one hour there will be a hourly travel time charge of $50 per hour after the first hour of total travel time!

Security Codes that need to be purchased from the manufacturer are not included in pricing schedule and vary in price from one manufacturer to another.

Prices are subject to change so please contact us for the current up to date pricing.
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