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Automotive Electronic
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Call us for:
  1.  Automotive Programming
  2. Check Engine Light
  3.  Air Bag Light
  4.  Anti lock Brake Light
  5.  Traction Control Light
  6.  VSS Light
  7.  Tire Pressure Light
  8.  Power Windows not working
  9.  Heating and Air Conditioning not working
  10.  Power/ Heated Seats
  11.  Power/ Heated Mirrors
  12.  Interior/ Exterior Lights not working
  13.  Keyless entry not working
  14.  Security System programming
  15.  Key programming
  16.  New control module programming 
  17.  Engine not running right
  18.  Wipers not working
  19.  Power door locks
  20.  Sun roof
  21.  Instrument panel gauges
  22.  Radio and entertainment systems
  23.  Hybrid vehicles
  If it is electrical... we fix it!!!!
  We fix the vehicles others can't!!

Link to what ASE is and it's standards
Link to IATN for informational purposes of diagnostics

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